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Disney World - Rainforest Cafe

My daughter (and I, because I am breastfeeding her) cannot have dairy or corn. In February, we had a family reunion at Disney World in Orlando. We spent a day at Disney's Animal Kingdom and decided to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe located there within the Animal Kingdom. When I mentioned to our server that my we had some food restrictions and asked her about some options for my daughter (like rice or beans, her favorite foods) she checked with the chef and made certain that we had safe food. Apparently this restaurant's policy is to send the chef to the table whenever they have a patron with a food allergy! It was a great experience all around.

Thanks for providing the service you do with your website. It is so full of useful information!

--Carolyn Kitzmann

The Marriott Inner Harbor Hotel Restaurant
Baltimore, MD

Our first vacation with our girls (Emma allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, seafood; Mary Grace also allergic to dairy and pea family incl. soy).  More to come...

--Jodye Hall

Black Bear Burritos
Morgantown, WV

We have enjoyed several safe dining experiences at this unique restaurant.  They have all kinds of fresh homemade seasonal salsas (peach, tomatillo) and great burritos.  The veggie dishes are safe for my kids, because they  cook their veggies on a dedicated vegan grill - which means no butter, cheese or seafood has ever touched it.  We always call ahead and talk to the owner or manager, who is always helpful.  We remind him of our kids allergies, and make sure the ingredients and cooking surfaces have not changed since the last time we ate there.  The owner or manager either makes our food himself, or walks it through the kitchen.  Excellent customer service and great food!
--Jodye Hall

The Omni Hotel Restaurant
Jacksonville, Florida

VIP Treatment at the Omni!  That is the only way to describe our treatment at this beautiful hotel and restaurant.  More to come...
--Jodye Hall

Glass House Grill
Morgantown, WV

Excellent experience, details coming soon! 

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