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A Chef Card is a personalized card that describes in detail the foods you cannot eat, alternative names for the ingredient, how your food must be prepared, and ways to avoid cross-contamination.  The card helps you communicate with restaurant staff, but should not take the place of careful planning and asking questions.  Make copies of the card and keep them with you.


“Dining Out and Traveling with Food Allergy” from the The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) provides helpful information about dining in restaurants, and offers strategies for menu selections, communicating your needs, and tips for traveling by plane or car. Also included with the guide is a “chef card” template to help the restaurant staff to understand the ingredients you need to avoid. The “chef card” template can also be viewed and printed directly from their web site at


Whether you plan to eat in the U.S. or another country, SelectWisely offers customized food alert cards for gluten-fee, food allergies and sensitivities, alcohol, lactose intolerance, diabetes and vegetarian.  You can select from a variety of foods (more than 41) and languages to create a translation card specific to your needs. Single food, multi-food and multi-language cards are offered – each made to your particular travel plans and food requirements. If you don't see your languages or foods on their standard list, special order cards are also available.

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