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This page is updated daily with news stories about food allergies and celiac disease from across the U.S. and elsewhere.  Updated March 7, 2007.

A Less Painful Peanut (added March 7, 2007)
Si-Yin Chung is one ARS researcher who's discovered a great way to make peanuts safer for kids with peanuts allergies. But I bet you'll never guess where he found a helping hand: in apples...

Preventing food allergy in children - From the Mayo Clinic (added March 7, 2007)
Introducing foods at the right age may help keep your child from developing a food allergy. Here's what you need to know.

Fifth-Grader Educates Classmates About Food Allergies - Gives 18 Presentations!  
(added March 7, 2007)

AAAAI: Oral Immunotherapy Dampens But May Not Cure Peanut Allergy
An oral immunotherapy regimen can help take the sting out of severe peanut allergies, reported investigators here. (added March 7, 2007)

Questions and Answers About the Use of Activated Charcoal to Treat Peanut Allergy Reactions - from FAAN (added March 7, 2007)
A recently released Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology study touts the use of activated charcoal as a treatment option in slowing or preventing life-threatening reactions to peanut proteins. Includes questions and answers about the use of charcoal for treating peanut allergy reactions. Click link, scroll down the page.

AAAAI: Some Schools Stumble on the Meaning of Food Anaphylaxis
Public schools can be challenged learners in protecting children with severe food allergies, researchers reported. (added March 7, 2007)

AAAAI: Finding the Peanut in the Haystack
It may be possible to predict which children with peanut allergies will eventually outgrow them and become goober tolerant, according to Australian investigators. (added March 7, 2007)

Beating Peanut Allergies (added March 7, 2007)
(WebMD) Small doses of peanut protein, given for months under medical supervision, can desensitize children with peanut allergy, reducing the risk of a reaction if they accidentally eat peanuts, according to a new study.

For the allergic, safe dining
Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA
Now, the state Legislature is considering whether to step in to make restaurants safer for Michaela and other people with food allergies. ...

National Jewish Study Could Unveil Allergy Mystery - Denver,CO,USA
DENVER -- Researchers at National Jewish Medical and Research Center are trying to find out why food allergies are increasing. They ...
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Denver Doctors Launch Study Of Food Allergies - Denver,CO,USA
... DENVER Researchers at the National Jewish Hospital in Denver kicked off a nationwide study to find out why the number of Americans with food allergies has more ...

CD23 Protein in Stool Samples may Indicate Food Allergy
RxPG NEWS - Westchester,CA,USA
By American Gastroenterological Association, Researchers have identified one of the proteins that may be responsible for causing food allergies, which could ...
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Delaying Solid Food Six Months in Babies Blocks Later Allergies
FOX News - USA
New moms should breastfeed exclusively for six months to help protect their babies against developing food allergies later on, one of the nation’s leading ...

Peanut allergy can be lethal, but treatments show promise
Lansing State Journal - Lansing,MI,USA
... Health authorities in Europe and the US have recently launched large-scale studies to accurately determine the prevalence of food allergies and the reasons for ...

Researchers demonstrate potential mechanism of food allergy
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
Bethesda, MD (July 20, 2006) -- Researchers have identified one of the proteins that may be responsible for causing food allergies, which could lead to the ...
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Food allergies are pesky, growing problems
Miami Herald - FL,USA
Food allergies are serious business. According to Dr. Michael C ... year are attributed to them. And food allergies are on the rise. ...

Dealing with Allergies - IL, USA
... been exposed to enough seasons. Toddlers are more likely to have food allergies and eczema as a manifestation of allergic disease.

Food allergies: common concerns - Hackensack,NJ,USA
By CHARLES STUART PLATKIN. Food allergies are serious business. According to Michael ... attributed to them. And food allergies are on the rise. ...
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Merrimack High's food policy considered
The Union Leader - Manchester,NH,USA
... Assistant Principal Rich Zampieri explained that concerns about students with food allergies led to banning food and drink from hallways, common areas and ...

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