Diet & Nutrition - Stay Healthy with a Well-Balanced Diet

Staying healthy and eating a well-balanced diet are top priorities. While avoiding foods that cause an allergic reaction, we also need to make sure do not fall into eating habits that don't provide adequate nutrition.

When I tell people what my kids are allergic to, their first response is always “What do they eat? It must be so hard to feed them a nutritious diet.” They are always surprised when I respond, “No, it isn’t!  They actually have a very healthy diet!”

It may seem strange, but food allergies have had a positive impact on our family’s diet and eating habits. We try to make sure that every bite counts and incorporate as many healthy ingredients as possible. For example, we may not be able to use eggs in certain recipes, but we can use ground flax, which is a nutrient and fiber powerhouse!

It just takes a little thinking “out of the box”, some experimentation, planning and preparation. Remember, a good attitude is vital, and contagious!

Try new recipes, new cuisines from other countries and new foods. Focus on foods you can eat, instead of foods you can’t. Try to fill your plate up with colorful, nutrient and fiber filled fresh fruits and vegetables that are safe for you to eat. We aim to serve two-three different vegetables and/or fruits at lunch and dinner every day, plus a fruit at breakfast and for a snack or dessert.

Get your Vitamins!

If you have allergies that require you to avoid foods from multiple food groups, consider consulting with a nutritionist to make sure your diet is providing you with all the nutrients needed to stay healthy. If the physician or nutritionist recommends taking vitamin supplements, read the ingredient labels. Some supplements contain allergens and other added ingredients. Common additives include natural and artificial flavors and colors, yeast, corn, wheat, dairy products, and preservatives. Some children’s vitamins are also cross-contaminated with peanuts and tree nuts.

Below is a list some common food allergens, the nutrients they are rich in and other foods which provide the same nutrients.




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