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If there’s one thing my family loves it is cookies, cakes and bread! When my kids were diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, we were afraid we would never enjoy these treats again. Boy, were we wrong! The possibilities are endless! The recipes in this book are all free of gluten, wheat, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, bean flours and eggs.

All have been tested, tasted and given an enthusiastic thumbs-up by kids and adults, some who have food allergies, and some who don’t.

All the recipes in this book use the Food Allergy Gourmet Basic Flour Mix. For the best results, try to use this mixture.  However, you can have success using your traditional gluten free flours.   The recipe for the flour mix is included in the book as well as resources for all the flours.

When you spend a small fortune on alternative flours and other ingredients, not to mention the time invested in reading labels and calling manufacturers just to make sure a product is really safe, you want your baked goods to turn out perfect the first time! My goal is to make sure they do!

In addition to a great recipe, successful baking depends on using the right equipment, high quality ingredients, measuring accurately and using the correct oven temperature. For this reason, we have included a list of essential tools for bakers, a detailed ingredient guide, instructions on how to measure accurately and a baking guide.

With a few simple ingredient substitutions and the techniques in this book, you can keep your cookie jar full of tasty treats and make your holidays (and every day) a little bit sweeter. Enjoy!

Jodye Hall and the Food Allergy Gourmet Team


For more resources on Food Allergies, visit our first site at www.foodallergygourmet.com


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    Hey jodye this is gregary martins mom. Hope all of you are well. I was looking up ideas and came upon your website again. Again hope you are well

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