Let’s Bake Cookies Allergy and Gluten Free

October 4, 2012 in Cookies

“Let’s Bake” – 18 Cookie Recipes

Cookies are one of the easiest and most fun foods to make. They are simple to make, fun to decorate and delicious to eat. Since everyone seems to have their own opinions about what a cookie should be like, I have included recipes for soft and chewy, crispy and cake-like cookies. The amazing thing about cookies is that they require just a few basic ingredients – but oh, the results! The simplest ones contain just flour, sugar, shortening and a bit of egg replacer, while others feature spices, seeds, coconut, chocolate, pureed or dried fruits, cereal or even pretzels. We have 18 Cookie Recipies totally allergy and gluten free in the “Let’s Bake” Cookbook.

Timesaving tip! Place a gob of dough on a piece of parchment paper, cover it with a second piece and roll it to the desired thickness. Then, pop it in the freezer and chill until firm. Take it out of the freezer and remove the top piece of parchment. Place it back on top of the dough and flip the dough over. Remove the top piece of parchment. Cut the cookies into shapes on the parchment, and lift them with a wide, thin metal spatula.

  • Drop cookies – Scoop up small amounts of dough using melon baller, a small ice cream scoop or two spoons, and drop them onto the cookie sheet.
  • Slice and bake – The cookie dough is rolled into log before chilling. Once the dough is cold and firm, slice the dough into coins using a sharp knife or waxed dental floss. If the dough flattens or loses its shape while cutting, turn the log a quarter of a turn every few slices. Tip – Try storing cookie dough logs in the cardboard tube of a used paper towel or wrapping paper roll. This will help keep their shape.
  • Shaped cookies – Some shaped cookies are created with a Spritz Cookie Press, while others are formed by hand into a variety of shaped, such as crescents, balls or canes.
  • Bar cookies – Brownies and Blondies are examples of bar cookies. These are made from a batter that is spread into a prepared baking pan with high sides. Always use the correct size pan, or your cookies will turn out either over or under-baked. Aluminum is preferable to glass for our recipes. Glass retains heat and may cause the edges to over bake before the middle is done.