Eating Gluten-Free

Eating a gluten free diet is challenging at first, but not impossible!  The Food Allergy Gourmet website has delicious, gluten-free recipes, ingredient resources and safe shopping tips. 

Our cookbook called "Let's Bake" with 85 recipes for baked goods, including breads, pizza, cakes, tarts, cookies, biscotti, muffins and more.  We also offer a Basic Flour Mix which is perfect for muffins, quick breads and cookies, and a Pancake Mix.

All Food Allergy Gourmet products are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, bean flours, tree nuts, peanuts and seafood.

Gluten Free Foods

A list of safe grains and flours can be found on the Diet and Nutrition page. 

Which Foods and Ingredients Contain Gluten?

Adhering to a strict gluten-free diet is critical for people with CD.  It isn't enough to stop eating products made from wheat, rye and barley.  You must also avoid cross-contamination from the manufacturing, packaging and storage of food products.

For example, buckwheat is on the safe list.  However, buckwheat and wheat are often grown in the same fields in alternating years. So buckwheat flour could be contaminated during harvest. The buckwheat might also have been processed in a mill or stored in a facility with other gluten-containing grains.

Foods and Ingredients Containing Gluten

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